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Giant Slaves
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Our Expository documentary film

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Film synopsis & features

This expository documentary is shedding some light on the southeast Asian elephant industry.
What is this dark secret? Why is it harmful for the elephants? What is behind the latest trend “no riding”? What are the ethical elephant parks, and are they really in favor with their beloved animals?
This film answers these questions.

Film length

46min 20sec


Hungarian with English subtitle

Original master format

1080p, full HD, 25fps


10 days

Post production

6 months


Reach the widest audience possible

Shooting location

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Film locations

3 different elephant parks

Key person

Lek Chailert, the elephant whisperer, who already rescued more than 200 elephants

Shooting costs

5.000 USD

Watch the trailer

Watch the film
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If you can please consider supporting the elephants. They need our help nowadays more than ever.

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We are a small non-profit organization. We are creating documentary films.

The Team

We love to travel, but what is more important, we love to travel consciously and responsibly.
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Since childhood two things inspires me the most: wildlife and different cultures. My goal is to discover them and present my experience to my followers.

András Csapó
Director of Photography
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Traveling was always my passion since childhood. The only thing changed by now, is my desire to share stories with the widest audience possible via articles, podcast and obviously by documentary films just like this.

András Mátai
Producer / Host
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This project was the biggest adventure of my life. I'm really proud I was part of it.

Kinga Majoros
Production Assistant


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